In-Unit Laundry:
Key to Multi-family Profit and Success

In-unit laundry is a necessity for any multi-family property that hopes to make a profit. No less an authority than reports that in-unit laundry is tenants’ Number 1 most valued amenity — ranking higher than even air conditioning, dishwashers and free parking.

At Creative Laundry Systems, we can help you maximize your profit in giving tenants this must-have feature by providing the most innovative, cost-effective and energy-saving laundry equipment available today. Whether you are building a new community, repositioning an existing property, or simply replacing old, outdated equipment, we offer profit-boosting solutions for apartments, condominiums, senior living and student housing.

This includes 24-inch front-load washers, the new standard for in-unit laundry. Offering the same capacity as 27-inch top-loaders, they save space; use less water, energy and detergent; and cut construction costs.

Pair these machines with matching vented dryers, or go ventless for even greater savings, value and profits. Our ventless condensing dryers cut energy consumption in half and reduce construction costs by $1,000 to $4,000 per unit.

Our combination washer-dryers make it feasible to add in-unit to almost any community.

And the Pan-Stand pedestal base further reduces construction and maintenance costs while minimizing the leading cause of worker comp claims in apartments.

Anyone Can Sell Machines. CLS Offers Solutions.

There’s more to profitable laundry than just machines. Only Creative Laundry Systems offers the combination of products, services and complete turn-key solutions that bring the benefits of in-unit laundry to everyone involved in designing, marketing or managing a modern apartment or condominium community:

  • Apartment owners and developers: increase rents and maximize profits while reducing construction, utility and maintenance costs.
  • Condo unit owners: gain up to $17,000 in tax-free resale value.
  • Architects and Engineers: make living spaces more functional without compromising the beauty of your designs.

Creative Laundry Systems has been providing multi-family laundry solutions throughout the eastern U.S. since 1982. For more information, click here to contact us today.

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