ADA Compliance Has Never Been Easier

ADA compliant laundry facilities

Creative Laundry can assist you in meeting ADA requirements.

We have cost-effective solutions for providing seniors and disabled individuals with full access to laundry facilities.

Our combination washer-dryers are the least expensive and best way to meet Americans with Disability Act requirements for laundry access.

The laundry room is one of those common use areas in multifamily dwellings that must, by federal law, be “accessible” so that individuals with physical disabilities can approach, enter and use them. Few central laundry rooms meet this requirement.

But the law also allows you to make a “reasonable accommodation,” meaning you can avoid the enormous cost of making an existing older laundry room compliant by instead installing combination washer-dryers in individual residences. It’s a cost-effective way to provide a disabled person full access to laundry facilities, create happier residents and avoid the possible aggravation and expense of a lawsuit.

Front-loading combination washer-dryers can be easily loaded, unloaded and controlled from a wheelchair. All controls are on the front, providing easy access. Most machines can be installed on elevated pedestals to make loading and unloading even easier. Since clothes are dry when they’re both loaded and removed, they’re lighter and easier to handle. By going directly from washing to drying, the combo machine eliminates the extra trip from the washer to the dryer.