Cost-Saving Solutions for New Construction.

New Construction

Ventless laundry solutions offer cost and space savings.

Our laundry solutions can reduce construction costs by $1,000 or more per unit and take up to 8 sq. ft. less space than conventional vented dryer systems.

Cut Construction Costs $1,000 Or More Per Unit

Ventless laundry from CLS helps builders reduce the direct and hidden construction costs associated with vented systems. The fact is, since they’ve never had an option before, most builders underestimate the actual cost involved in building for and installing vented dryers.
Here are some of the ways that our solution reduces construction costs by $1,000 or more per unit.

For starters, ventless dryers eliminate penetrations in walls, ceilings, floors and roofs. They require no fire-rated chases, which in turn eliminates finishing work around three corners. Because they need no make-up air, you can reduce the size — and cost — of make-up air ducts. And ventless dryers can be set closer to the back wall.

Besides cutting costs, these features alone free up 2 to 8 square feet of useable floor space

But the savings don’t end there. Ventless dryers eliminate the need for equipment such as vent caps, fire-stops, fans or transfer vents. They simplify air-balance requirements and lower heat load, because they don’t suck an apartment’s worth of air to the outside in every cycle.

Our optional PanStand floatation base adds to the savings by eliminating floor penetrations for condensate drains. It also eliminates future repair of broken drains and minimizes water damage when machines are installed before the riser is pressurized.
With its unique air-floatation feature, PanStand simplifies moving equipment to complete finish work and greatly reduces damage to floors and walls during laundry installation.

Our complete ventless laundry package of 24-inch front-load washer, condensing dryer, PanStand and more, includes the equipment and support to help you speeds installation and repairs and achieve more innovative installations.