Increase the Amenity Value of
Shared Laundry Facilities

Let Creative Laundry assist you in maximizing the value of your shared laundry facility.

Shared laundry accounts for less than 2% of an apartment community’s rent roll while representing 50% of its marketing problems.

Shared Laundry Facilities

Let Us Help You Turn a Negative into a Big, Profitable Positive

Higher rents and lower turnover are the keys to multifamily profits. Residents today want in-unit laundry, and will pay higher rent for it. So it is absolutely essential that you offer at least “in-unit in select apartments.”

But making the transition from shared laundry facilities — the laundry room — to in-unit will take 2 to 20 years. So you will still need to provide shared facilities during this period.

Because shared laundry accounts for less than 2% of an apartment community’s rent roll while representing 50% of its marketing problems, it’s vitally important to make the right choices in creating and operating your laundry room. The right combination of equipment, coinage and room amenities will offer the greatest appeal to residents. The optimum selection of financing, maintenance agreement and collection service will provide the greatest net return on your investment.

We can help. Creative Laundry Systems offers products, services and support to make any laundry room more attractive to your most desirable residents and more profitable for your bottom line.

Our Simple 4-Step Approach to Maximizing the Value of Shared Laundry

  1. Treat laundry as the third most critical element in your marketing mix. This will require spending as much on the laundry room design as you do on the lobby, landscaping, or common area. Your goal is to make the room design appealing to women — who make most housing decisions, do most laundry, and hate laundry rooms.
  2.  Own or lease the equipment but negotiate a separate maintenance agreement. That’s the only way to control quality of service, coinage and equipment replacement. It is too important to assign to an outside firm who has no interest in your total profit.
  3. Convert to either a Smart Card or token system to minimize shrinkage and reduce collection costs. Laundry is just part of the rent and nobody accepts cash. This also makes in-house maintenance feasible.
  4. Call us for an outside opinion. The most critical issue for a successful laundry room is design and layout.  The actual operation is relatively simple. We offer plans tailored to your marketing needs. We will advise on equipment, service options and resident training.

The CLS Integrated Marketing Plan

  • Equipment Sales – We can provide you with new GE coin/card/token operated washers and dryers and your choice of GE and LG non-metered, front-load washers.
  •  Card Systems – The new technology features both cashless and cash-to-card systems. This increases convenience for the residents, while increasing management’s cash flow and net income.
  •  Room Design – The ideal room is clean, bright, efficient and secure. This is more a function of basic design than ongoing maintenance.
  •  In-unit Equipment – Sooner or later, every community will have to offer this amenity. We can show you how to integrate shared laundry and in-unit to generate maximum total income.
  • Consulting – CLS can help design and equip your facilities anywhere in the U.S.

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