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FloodChek Hoses
The Only Hose You Can Trust
Broken washer hoses cause over $200 million dollars in damage each year. A single hose failure in an aparment or condomimium building can devaste numerous families, destroy furnishings and personal belongings and result in lost rental income.

It’s all so easily preventable — with Floodchek® hose.

Designed and engineered specifically for the multi-family industry, and guaranteed for 20 years against failure due to defective design, materials or workmanship, Floodchek hose is the most over-built hose on the market today.

Why Hoses Break
In a consumer grade rubber washer hose, inserts at the coupling end are rolled and stamped from thin sheets of copper alloy. In time, water flow hones them to a fine edge. When the hose bends at the coupling, or is pulses up and down with each fill cycle, this sharp edge eventually cuts through the interior wall. In hose jargon, this is known as “razoring.”

Steel braided hoses reduce razoring, but they have created a worse problem. Securing the rubber tube and steel braid to the swivel takes very aggressive crimp and a relatively thin rubber tube. When theses hoses bend and flexed, they fail at the crimp point. While adequate for toilets and sinks, braided hoses are a poor choice for washers.

The Floodchek Difference
The patented design of Floodchek hose features massive brass insert that’s rounded at the end to prevent cutting the hose from the inside. Barbs along its flank supplement the crimp design to provide extra protection against pulloff.

The useful service life of a consumer grade hose is five to seven years.

Floodchek hose is guaranteed for 20 years. In fact, there has not yet been been a single reported failure of Floodchek hose in tens of thousands of installations since 1989.

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