24-inch Front Load Washers

The New Standard in Family-sized Laundry

Space-saving front-load washers from GE, LG and Asko offer the same capacity as 27-inch top-loading machines, but offer tremendous savings in water, energy, detergent use and maintenance. Look at the benefits:

  • Cuts water consumption by 66% – saving 20 gallons per cycle
  • Uses 66% less hot water – the tub fills with just 3 gallons, vs. 13
  • Consumes 33% less mechanical energy – no transmission, no agitator
  • Cuts dryer energy by 33% – high speed spin removes more moisture, so clothes are dryer when they come out of the wash
  • Requires less space – particularly with stack units
  • Uses 70% less detergent
  • Fewer parts and repairs

We offer the following washers from LG and Asko:




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