The PanStand

The PanStand Solves Venting Problems


PanStand is a uniquely designed washer pan that combines:

  1. A 5” pedestal that makes the 24” front-load washer ADA compliant and raises the electronics out of any standing water
  2. An appliance mover that “floats” the washer/dryer on a cushion of air using a small shop-vac
  3. A 6 gallon reservoir to catch spills and leaks
  4. And an optional pump that allows free movement and eliminates the pan drain
  5. It is the best washer safety pan we have ever tested

How is it Cost Effective?

Efficient use of vertical cabinet space
EFFICIENT BY DESIGN: Installing dryers in tight spaces creates access problems for maintenance, particularly with vented dryers. The video shows how setting the dryer on a shelf prevents crushed vents and placing the washer on a PanStand can make routine service and cleaning faster, safer and easier. The same applies to side-by-side installations.

BETTER SPACE UTILIZATION: Note the cabinet that contains several shelves and detergent storage while allowing easy access to water and electrical connections. These are essential elements in any laundry area. The combination adds 14 cubic feet of storage and still fits in a 40” space.

With side-by-side installations any countertop creates a folding and work area in otherwise wasted space. Shelving units or cabinets create up to 30 cu. ft. of storage. A free floating washer provides easy access to vent connections.

Efficient use of horizontal spaceELIMINATES SEPARATE PAN DRAINS: PanStand has a 6-gallon reservoir. Most 24” front-load washers hold three gallons. The optional 200-gph, sensor-activated pump provides the ultimate protection, while allowing free movement.

CLEANLINESS: PanStand means less space to clean and easier access to clean it. The washer straddles the reservoir, so drain-clogging dust bunnies and debris cannot collect in the pan.

DURABLE & UNIVERSAL: PanStand doesn’t break during routine service. It works with any make, model, or type of 24” laundry, including GE, Whirlpool and Frigidaire unitized washer/dryers.

LOWER LIABILITY: No lifting, tilting, or climbing-over machines. Equipment leaks are confined to the pan.

SAVES MORE THAN IT COSTS: Total life cycle costs and ease of installation mean lower risk.

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