Stackable Ventless Dryers

Ventless DryersAll of our 24-inch ventless condensing dryers offer 25% higher capacity than the same sized dryer in the conventional unitized stack. Thanks to their larger drum size, they dry better with less damage to clothes. In addition, they offer the following benefits:

  • Runs on 50% lower amperage — requires only 15 amp service, not 30 amps
  • Cuts energy consumption in half — with the biggest savings coming from not having to reheat replacement air drawn from the outside
  • Eliminates dryer fires — inherently safe, sealed system
  • No vents, means tremendous savings:
    • Save thousands of dollars on installation throughout a property
    • Never pay again to clean or repair vents
    • No more dangerous, unhealthy and unsightly lint accumulation between joists
    • Less space needed behind dryer, frees up space for more profitable uses
    • Easier removal for service

Plus, it is a “green” product people can understand.

We offer the following ventless stackable dryers from LG, Asko and Equator:




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