Ventless Dryers Save Construction Costs

This 13 minute video details how using ventless laundry and PanStand can save thousands in construction costs and reduces future maintenance costs.

Panstand Protects Your Equipment

This demonstrates an out of balance washer on PanStand. While the washer vibrates PanStand keeps the washer in place.

Panstand Has Many Benefits Including:

  • Preventing washer leaks with PanStand
  • No lifting in and out of pans
  • Both a pedestal and safety pan combined
  • Keeps laundry area clean

Easy Installation

A GE Ventless Dryer with Panstand is easily installed in open space and floated into place with PanStand. Panstand can also be used with vented products.

PanStand Makes Moving Equipment Easy

Laundry moves easily on a cushion of air. Available at Creative Laundry Systems. Contact Dan at 1-800-369-4771 for more information.

Laundry Service is Easy with Panstand

Laundry equipment glides on a cushion of air. No need to lift the appliance out of the pan.