How to Have Both In-Unit Laundry
and Great Design.


In-unit laundry needs to be a part of every new apartment or condo you design. So we understand how frustrating it must be to see your beautiful and well-imagined interiors compromised by the plumbing or venting restrictions of conventional laundry equipment. Especially since today’s advanced front-loading washers and ventless condensing dryers satisfy residents’ laundry needs while expanding — rather than limiting — your design options.

Here’s the problem with conventional laundry: Vented dryers usually have to be located within 12 feet of an outside wall or connected to an expensive and ugly central chase. This increases construction costs, wastes space and severely limits your design flexibility in high rise and mid-rise projects.

Our ventless, ductless dryers give you all the design freedom you want. Only 24 inches wide and occupying just 5 square feet of space, they can be located wherever you can run plumbing. They fit easily into 24-inch pantries or closets. And they require no venting or proximity to the outside. In part by eliminating ducts, chases, vent caps and fans, ventless laundry reduces construction costs by $1,000 to $4,000 per unit. How’s that for value engineering?

Equally important, ductless dryers require no make-up air. Compare that to conventional dryers that draw then discharge over 10,000 cubic feet of air per cycle — all of which must be must be replaced with outside air to maintain proper balance and pressure. This in turn calls for larger, and more expensive, fresh air manifolds and increases HVAC loads — since the equivalent of an apartment-full of heated or cooled air is sucked out the dryer every time it’s used.

Our high-efficiency front-loading washers complete the modern-day laundry solution. Using less energy and less than half the water of conventional top-load washers, they’re environmentally friendly. And with a discharge rate equal to or less than a dishwasher (6 gallons per minute compared to over 20 gallons per minute for a conventional washer) they allow you to spec in-unit laundry in projects with restricted drain capacity. Our front-loaders also use a fraction of the soap, which eliminates big problems with suds zones.

All of this allows you to concentrate on creating great living spaces instead of solving mechanical problems.

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