Laundry as an Amenity

For decades, everybody has considered laundry to be a basic necessity; a commodity to be purchased as the lowest price. However the introduction of the PanStand provides an opportunity to transform it into a work center that also enhances rents. The challenge is to design a facility that does so using less space more efficiently. Creative Laundry’s products enable you to do exactly that.

With broom closet

Pullman kitchen

Visualize a typical 30” x 96” laundry room at the end of a Pullman kitchen with a conventional unitized stack. Eliminating 8’ of wall and door will reduce actual construction costs and recapture 4 sq. ft. of saleable space. Add a “broom closet” to block the view of the machines and put the utility connections inside the closet. This simple change reduces space, increases storage space, eases maintenance and improves appearance.

Alternatively, put the washer on one side and the dryer on the other but add essential features (folding table, hanger rack, storage) to make the facility more efficient. This design concept is similar to the golden triangle used in kitchens. Laundry can be an amenity because so few are well designed.

PanStand washer platforms are a simple, elegant, solution to a variety of problems. They combine leak protection, a 5” pedestal and an air-flotation device in a durable platform that works with any brand 24” equipment. The flotation saves floor space and enables build-in installations. (CLICK HERE). The full-contact sides provide a “kick plate” while eliminating dirt under the washer.l

The 24” front-load washer/dryer have a clean modern appearance with few horizontal surfaces to catch dirt. They require 2 – 4 sq. ft. less space while providing the same capacity as a 27” top-load and using 20-gallons less water. Including a single “common area” laundry room with over-sized machines solves any marketing issues in less than 15 sq. ft.

Ventless dryers further reduce wasted space and save $1,000 to $3,000 in direct construction costs, especially in high-rise construction. Creative Laundry is a wholesale distributor for the LG, GE, ASKO and Miele washers and condensing ventless dryers.