In-Unit Laundry:
The Market Makes It Essential

In-Unit Laundry

The renters you want most want in-unit laundry. Online apartment search and marketing sites like and report that in-unit laundry is tenants’ most requested amenity and is surpassed in importance only by location and price. More importantly, 60% of all prospects shop exclusively on-line, which means if you don’t offer a minimum of “in-unit in select apartments” then you are missing the best 60% of any market.

Not only do renters want in-unit laundry, they will pay extra for it. Apartments with in-unit laundry rent for $40 to $100 more than comparable apartments with shared laundry. As a coin operated route operator, we know that most residents over-estimate the amount they spend on laundry by 40% to 50%. If they think they spend $30 then a $60 rental increase for the safety, convenience and status of in-unit laundry is a bargain for them. And a tremendous source of profit for you.

Ventless Makes it Feasible

Only today’s advanced front-load washers and ventless condensing dryers offer a proven way to minimize the cost while maximizing the profit of in-unit laundry.

For new communities, ventless laundry from Creative Laundry Systems reduces construction costs anywhere from $1,000 to $4,000 per unit (in part by eliminating ducts, chases, vent caps and fans) and recaptures up to 12 square feet of usable space per unit. To further enhance space utilization, mount stacked units on the new air-flotation Pan Stand.

Our solution effectively, economically and profitably overcomes the five biggest obstacles in converting to older laundry room communities to in-unit laundry:

  • Venting
  • Electrical riser capacity
  • Drain riser capacity
  • Noise, vibration and leaks
  • Coin-laundry contract

In communities both old and new, our solution cuts annual heating and air conditioning costs by up to $______ per unit per year — because ventless dryers don’t suck an apartment-full of heated or cooled air to the outside with every load.

These products also simplify cleaning and maintenance over the life of the community. Since ventless dryers require no ducts, there are no birds’ nests to clear away, no broken vents to repair, no fans to maintain and no vent fires to threaten property or lives. Eliminating vents also eliminates a potential source of mold.

To top it off, our machines provide the lowest cost and best way to provide ADA-compliant laundry access in almost any unit.

Add it up: Higher rent plus lower construction and operating costs means our ventless laundry solutions pay for themselves — in some cases immediately —and then generate pure profit and savings month after month.

Creative Makes it Happen

We know ventless laundry represents a change for you and your residents.

That’s why our service starts with a property survey to determine feasibility. Of course we sell equipment and coordinate installation. But our job is more than that: we want to help you increase rents and decrease turnover. So we’ll train your engineering staff on troubleshooting and repair, preparing them to be your first line of defense against unhappy residents. We can offer similar training for your leasing or sales staff.

Front-loading washers differ from the top-loaders that have been around since 1906. Just as consumers still need to learn how best to use today’s low-detergent dishwashers, some retraining will be needed to help residents make the most of their new front-loading washers. We provide your residents with wash guides, scoops, high-efficiency (HE) detergent samples and more.

In fact, our complete ventless laundry package includes everything you need to assure a return on your laundry investment and convenience and value for your residents. Click here to learn more.

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